It’s an absolute honor to be asked to be a groomsmen in someone’s wedding. The guys you ask are your homeboys, your ride-or-die, your dudes, your bromances for life and they’re proud to be in that group, no doubt.

But if you’ve ever had the pleasure of being a groomsmen yourself, you probably know that these guys are also doing you a solid by standing up in your wedding. There are more expenses, responsibilities and time commitments associated with being a groomsman than just a regular guest at your wedding.

That’s why it’s become a tradition for grooms to give their guys a little gift to say, “Hey man, thanks for paying to rent this suit, showing up to the rehearsal on time and ponying up for that sweet bachelor party in Vegas.”

When you choose that gift, make sure it’s actually something cool and unique that they’ll appreciate and use. Need a few suggestions? Perfect, we’ve got some…

1. DIY Booze Kit

If you’ve got a spirits enthusiast in your bunch, a make-your-own kit would be the perfect choice. The most popular ones are for a botanical gin but there’s also kits for infused vodka and spiced rum. This makes a great gift because it might be something he’s eyed before but probably wouldn’t buy for himself.

2. Cool Grilling Gear

The master of the cookout will always appreciate new gear that will help him achieve the perfect grilled meal. You can’t go wrong with a shiny new set of grilling tools, a sweet grill tool belt or even a set of fancy spices or marinades that will really take his BBQ creations to the next level.

3. Super Classy Booze Decanter

Every whiskey man needs a beautiful decanter to display on his bar. And the Globe Trotter whiskey decanter is the perfect one. Not only does it have a sophisticated travel theme, but it also comes with 2 matching glasses and a funnel to fill the decanter, so it makes for an impressive gift. Plus it looks great pretty much anywhere he may want to display it – the office, home bar, mantle or even just the kitchen counter.

5.  Picnic Set for Winos

If any of your groomsmen’s booze tastes run more towards wine, then the VaVino wine and cheese picnic set is a great gift. It’s an insulated bag that comes equipped with 2 plastic wine glasses, 2 cloth napkins, a corkscrew (with foil cutter and bottle opener), decorative wine cork, knife and cheese plate. In addition to all that, there’s room for 2 bottles of wine, snacks and ice.

This is absolutely ideal for your friends who are always going to outdoor concerts and movies in the summer. It’s also a great choice for guys who are married or in relationships as this gives them an easy way to execute a romantic date.

6. Fancy Grooming Goods

Old school gentlemanly grooming is back in style in a big way. As are beards. So, for the bearded bros in your group, consider an attractive grooming set that includes items like a beard comb, beard oil or balm, a nice brush and trimming scissors. And to finish it off, you should probably throw in a pack of Beard Bro cards.

7.  Experiences!

When your best guys are the very definition of “the man who has everything” then a good bet is to buy them experiences you know they’ll enjoy. Of course you’ll have to choose each one individually depending on each guy’s interests but there are plenty of possibilities out there.

A few good ideas: tickets to an upcoming concert of an artist he loves, cooking classes, game tickets for his favorite team, beer making class, a gift certificate for a shave and haircut at a nice barber shop, museum membership, or a gift certificate to a restaurant you know he wants to try.

No matter how diverse your groomsmen are, one of these gift ideas is sure to be a hit for each of them. The important thing is that the gift shows you appreciate their involvement in your life and your wedding, and that you know them well enough to pick out something special.